About Us

This page contains information about what we do in Armytheatre.com. Our mission is to provide readers with the most up-to-date and objective information about the online gambling industry. We track trends, analyze the work of online casinos and prepare unique reviews. Each of these materials is a mini guide and allows players to avoid pitfalls when using the services of gambling sites. 

What We Do 

We at Armytheatre.com strive to develop our information resource and one day achieve the status of one of the main guides for gamblers. Readers are our priority. We work according to the principles of honesty and objectivity, and we will never publish data on the site that does not correspond to reality. 

The reviews of online casinos that we offer to visitors for free review are prepared according to our internal standards. Each of them is the result of painstaking work carried out by our experts. We study in detail the platform and the range of offers of a particular gambling operator, after which we collect information in the manual and publish it on the website. 

You Don’t Need to Pay 

Our team of experts believes that each of the players should have access to honest, objective information about online casinos and their services. For this reason, we do not charge visitors to the site Armytheatre.com , willing to read our materials. 

You should also know that we do not promote this or that gambling operator. We are not engaged in advertising, and we do not take money from a casino that would like to improve its position in our ratings. Our task is to provide information to our readers as objectively as possible. Therefore, each of our reviews is prepared in strict accordance with our internal quality standards. We pay special attention to the range of criteria for evaluating the level of sites, after which we decide whether it makes sense to recommend its services to players. 

The Principles on Which Our Work is Based 

When we created Armytheatre.com , we did not want readers to associate with a regular site where online casino reviews are published. We want our portal to be a guide for you, allowing you to comfortably navigate the gambling industry. For this reason, here you will find many other useful data: from news related to the regulation of operators to reviews of online slots. 

In our work we use these principles: 

  • We put readers’ preferences and interests above all else;
  • News and articles on our website are written by experts in the online gambling industry;
  • Our information is aimed at helping players, not casinos;
  • We collect feedback and use it to improve the quality of work;
  • Our information is 100% up-to-date and objective;
  • All information on the site is provided free of charge;
  • Our experts live in different countries of the world, which allows us to provide the most targeted content;
  • We 100% manage the site ourselves, and do not depend on online casinos;
  • Each article on the site is the result of our own analysis and collection of information from trustworthy sources. 

You Need to Know It 

We do not prevent the dissemination of information from our website. However, if you use it, then please specify Armytheatre.com as the primary source, otherwise such actions will be considered as plagiarism. 

Also note that the reviews on our website are not a guarantee that you will win money. Use the information in them to avoid common mistakes of beginners and learn in advance about the nuances of the game on a particular gambling portal. We regularly update our articles to keep them as up-to-date as possible. 

Write to Us! 

We at Armytheatre.com strive to continuously improve the quality of our services and materials. If you have comments, suggestions or you want to thank us for our work, then use the feedback form or email to contact us. We study every comment, and we are happy not only to receive positive messages, but also constructive criticism. All this allows us to become better.