Mega Joker Slot Review


If you are a fan of classic slot games, Mega Joker may be worth your time. Developed by NetEnt, a leading software provider in the gambling industry, this game is a traditional fruit machine slot. Give it a spin and see if it’s your cup of tea.

Mega Joker follows a classic format with a standard 3×3 reel layout and 5 paylines. This makes it a great option for players of all levels, particularly due to its wide betting range. However, what sets it apart is the progressive jackpot feature, which can be triggered randomly throughout gameplay.

One of the most remarkable game’s features is its Supermeter mode. This mode comes with great risk, as the bets here are highly increased.

In this review, we’ll look in detail at all the machine’s various aspects. The visual design, gameplay, numerous features, and payouts will be discussed. In the end, we’ll give an overall evaluation of the game.

If you’re on the hunt for a game that is both simple and engaging, Mega Joker may be just what you’re looking for. This retro-style slot machine offers a classic gaming experience that appeals to a range of players. In our review, we’ll take a closer look at what this game has to offer and help you determine if it’s truly worth your investment of time and money. So, let’s dive in and explore the world of Mega Joker!

No matter whether you’re looking precisely for a good-old classic game or just a simple and fun game to play, this review will be able to help you. Follow along to find out more about this retro-style online slot machine.

Theme and Design

Mega Joker is a retro-styled classic slot that has become quite popular among players due to its nostalgic feel and simplicity. It was designed by NetEnt, one of the leading software developers in the online gaming industry. The game is known for its simplicity in terms of gameplay and design, with no complicated bonus features or intricate animations.

The slot’s design includes a classic red color scheme. The symbols are various: there’s a mix of all the classic fruit ones such as cherries, lemons, watermelons, and oranges. The traditional lucky 7s are featured as well, they are the highest-paying symbol in the game, as usual.

This particular machine boasts a basic design that exudes an old-school charm which many players find endearing. The graphics are uncomplicated and sound effects remain the same as in earlier casino machines. The game serves to deliver as a retro slot, without boasting visually stunning or innovative features. The classic design is suitable for players with slower internet speeds or less powerful devices, who can relish in spinning the reels without any lagging or technical issues.

Thanks to all these factors, Mega Joker remains a popular choice for many gamers, who adore the machine for its theme and design which are simple yet charming. 

Gameplay and Features

Mega Joker has quite a bit of fun gameplay features, such as progressive jackpot and many others. Let’s see what aspects have made the online slot so popular.

The game mechanics are easy to comprehend – players have three reels and five paylines to aim for a win. The symbols on the reels must match to receive payouts. The game has a traditional look, reminiscent of a slot machine, with symbols like cherries, lemons, and watermelons.

The Supermeter mode featured in this particular machine is truly remarkable, catching the attention of many avid gamers and technology enthusiasts alike. In this mode, you play on the top set of reels, that offer higher payouts and more special symbols. But you should know, that the bets in this mode are higher as well.

In this game, there are added features and symbols that heighten the user experience. The Jester serves as the wild symbol and can replace any other symbol to form a winning combination. Landing three Jesters on a single payline earns the highest payout.

The earlier mentioned progressive jackpot can be won by landing three jackpot symbols on a payline, when in Supermeter mode. This jackpot grows each time you place a bet, so it’s able to reach quite considerable sums.

Mega Joker boasts a Gamble feature that lets you gamble your winnings with ease. In this simple card game, you can bet either half or all of your profits. After that, you must guess whether the upcoming card will be red or black. If your guess is right, your gains are doubled. You may opt to gamble again or collect your profits.

Also, if you want to try out the machine, but are afraid of losing big sums of money, there is a demo version available for you. It’s completely free, and it allows you to experience all the machine’s features and understand whether the slot suits you.

Overall, Mega Joker offers a highly entertaining gaming experience. The classic fruit machine symbols and retro style of the game create a nostalgic feel that many players will enjoy. The Supermeter mode and progressive jackpot add excitement and the potential for significant payouts, while the Gamble feature offers an additional element of risk and reward.

Payouts and Volatility

Mega Joker boasts of a classic payout system that draws players in. It features three reels and five paylines, allowing players to bet on one, three, or five lines simultaneously. This expert online article recommends giving Mega Joker a try for a traditional gaming experience.

The slot is a high-variance one, which means that payouts are more likely to be bigger, but less frequent. The RTP (Return to Player) is 99%, which is exceptionally high and means that, on average, players can expect to receive back 99 cents for every dollar they wager.

This game boasts a high RTP and significant potential for wins – up to $2000 on a single spin, with a maximum payout of 2000 coins. Supermeter mode can boost your winning chances even further. However, be cautious of the game’s high volatility. It is wise to only bet what you can afford to lose when playing.

Mobile Version

Mega Joker is developed using HTML5 technology, which allows for it to be played on a vast array of devices without needing to download any additional apps. The machine runs greatly on any device, there are no lags and the game adapts to any screen size and resolution.

So, the slot is a great choice for playing on the go. The mobile version makes the retro style of the machine and its exciting features available right in the palm of your hand.

Player Experience and User Interface

Mega Joker makes for a simple player experience. The user interface is intuitive, which allows players to navigate the game with no problem.

As with many other slots, the control panel is situated at the bottom of the screen. It includes all the necessary buttons and options. There, you’re able to change the size of your bet, activate a needed number of paylines, and, of course, spin the reels.

For players seeking modern and captivating slots, the machine may not meet their expectations. Nevertheless, the game is well-suited for individuals desiring a traditional or straightforward gaming experience that is much easier to comprehend than newer games available. These players will find the game to be quite fulfilling. The graphics and sound effects have a retro-style, producing an alluring nostalgic ambiance.

So, we can surely say that Mega Joker provides a solid player experience with a user-friendly interface and simple gameplay. 

Pros and Cons

Classic retro theme and designLack of modern features and animations
High variance for potential big winsLimited betting options
Progressive jackpot for added excitementGamble feature can be sometimes too risky
Supermeter mode for increased payoutsNo bonus rounds or free spins
Mobile-friendly for on-the-go gaming

Upon examination, it is evident that Mega Joker possesses both favorable and unfavorable qualities. One of its strengths is its classic retro theme and design which is appealing to numerous players. The high variance also means there’s potential for big wins, especially with the progressive jackpot and Supermeter mode. The game is also mobile-friendly, making it easy to play on the go.

It’s important to consider whether the machine is suitable for all players. Some may find the lack of modern features and animations unappealing, while high rollers may find the limited betting options unsatisfactory. The Gamble feature may also pose a risk for some players, and there are no bonus rounds or free spins to vary the gameplay experience. 


After exploring all the aspects, let’s summarize them.

First, Mega Joker is a retro-style slot with traditional fruit machine gameplay with a few modern features. Some of them are progressive jackpot, high variance, and the Gamble feature. The RTP is quite high, which allows players to gain huge profits.

The Supermeter mode adds to the excitement, enabling players to potentially multiply their gains. Another plus is that the slot can be played on mobile devices.

While the absence of extra features may deter some, it can also be seen as a positive for those seeking a classic slot experience. If you’re unsure about this particular machine, there is a free demo version available for you to try out.

So, in the end, we would recommend trying out Mega Joker, especially if you like retro slot machines. Its classic design and high variance make the game alluring to those who enjoy a thrilling gaming experience. Try out Mega Joker, and see whether you’re able to land a big win!