Your Manual On How To Play Online Slots And Win

The information on this page is intended for punters who are wondering how to win at casino slots. Our squad of gambling professionals has collected a large amount of useful data for you. You will learn about the varieties of online slots, and the features and benefits of the demo mode. We will tell you how to start playing such titles, what game strategies are, and what tips will help you avoid pitfalls on the way to big wins. 

What are Slots? 

Slots is one of the most renowned gambling amusements in the world. They are a virtual adaptation of land-based slot machines, but they have far surpassed them in diversity, gameplay and popularity. Whichever online casino you pick, there will surely be slots or pokies, as they are called in Australia, in its compilation of games. 

After you start the game, you will see a screen with several reels and symbols on them (although now you can also find slots using a cluster symbol system). The player’s task is to place a bet and start spinning the reels. If a winning combination falls on them (you can find out about the number of payment lines in the options), you will receive money within 1–2 seconds. As you can see, everything is simple. 

Online slots are a game of chance, the punter cannot influence the result, as, say, in blackjack or poker. But, this does not have a negative impact on their popularity. Now you can find many varieties of such titles. Here are the key categories: 

  • Classic Slots. These are old-school titles that use three reels, minimalistic graphics, slightly intrusive music and classic symbols (say, sevens or fruits);
  • Video Slots. According to their graphics, such titles resemble video games. They have more reels than classic slots. Also, they surpass them in the presence of additional functions, special characters and other features;
  • Progressive Jackpot Games. These are slots in which there is an opportunity to win a progressive jackpot (for example, Mega Moolah). The amount increases until one of the participants wins it, and thus does not change his or her life for the better in just a few secs;
  • Fixed Jackpot Games. These are also slots with jackpots, but their amount is determined in advance, and it is usually less than that of progressive ones;
  • Bonus Buy Games. In such slots, it is possible to purchase a bonus feature, say, free spins, for a fixed amount. Thus, gamers do not need to wait for the activation of the bonus stage. 

There are other types of slots, but these are the most renowned variations. 


Random Number Generator (RNG) is the core on which online slots work. We are talking about a special algorithm that determines the outcomes of the game rounds. It is impossible to hack it, so if you are looking for easy money and are ready to purchase hacking programs from scammers, it is better not to do this. Firstly, you will not succeed. Secondly, you will be blocked for using fraudulent software. 

RNG works in such a way that each new round does not depend on the outcome of the previous session. This is important to remember for punters who, in search of a solution to how to win at slots, intend to use game strategies. We are not saying that such strategies are something bad, on the contrary, they help to structure the game. However, none of them is a guarantee of winning. 

The correctness of the RNG is checked by independent testing agencies. Information about this and (or) the corresponding certificates can be found in the footer of the site. 

Check It Before Play 

If you are interested in the answer to the question, how to win online slots, then you definitely need to take into account aspects such as volatility, RTP and pay table before the game starts. Below we will tell you more about each of them. 


Volatility is an indicator illustrating the frequency and size of winnings in an online slot. Usually, in options or previews in slots, it is displayed in the form of several lightning bolts. There are three main types of volatility: 

  • Low. Usually winnings often happen, but their size is small;
  • Average. Payouts happen less often, but their amount can amaze your imagination;
  • High. These are slots from a number of life-changing games. For one successful spin of the reels, you can get a win exceeding the initial bet in 10 000 – 100 000 once. But, in titles with high volatility, winning combinations rarely fall out, remember this. 

Additionally, to the three main types of volatility, there is also medium-low and medium-high volatility. These are transitional stages between the variations that we presented above. 


Return The Player or RTP is an indicator showing the percentage of payouts to players at a distance. In online slots, anything above 96% is considered a good indicator for punters. Usually, information about RTP is presented in the game options, but some gambling operators place it on the preview of the slot. This, of course, is more convenient for gamers, because it saves them from having to run amusement to get this info. 

Pay Table 

Unlike the previous two indicators, information about pay table is available only in the game. To do this, you need to launch it and open the options. Get this data: 

  • Symbols. The amount paid for each of the game symbols;
  • Multipliers. If there are multipliers in the online slot, then information about them is also available in pay table;
  • Wild and Scatters. As with multipliers, these special symbols may or may not be in the game. Find out how they are activated and what benefits they can bring;
  • The bonus symbol. If the slot belongs to titles with the bonus buy function, then read how much you need to pay for the purchase of a bonus;
  • The jackpot. If you are playing a slot with a fixed or progressive jackpot, then you definitely need to learn in detail about the situations of its activation in the options. 

Other information can also be provided in the pay table, say, about the number of payment lines. Make it a rule when launching any online slot to carefully study the data about it. This will increase your chances of success. 

How To Play Slots Online – Full Sequence of Steps 

If you have decided that you want to play and win online slots, then you need to know about the sequence of actions that separate you from the start of spinning the reels: 

Step 1. Pick a casino. When searching, you need to pay attention to the reputation and the availability of a license for the site. Also find out what measures the operator is taking to defend the platform and its users. Look at the assortment of amusements, the compilation of banking solutions, the pool of incentives, and the availability of communication channels with support agents;

Step 2. Register. To do this, provide the operator with the required set of personal and contact data. Invent username and passcode, confirm your legal age and consent to the rules and policies of the site. You will also need to activate your account using a link that will be sent to your email;

Step 3. Recharge the balance. Open Cashier and pick one of the banking solutions. If you opt the site responsibly, then you will have a choice of legal payment services. Transfer funds to play on cash;

Step 4. Activate the bonus. There may be incentives on the platform aimed at those gamblers who like to enjoy online slots. They allow you to get a certain number of free spins. Usually, to do this, you need to recharge the balance for the amount in the specified limits. If desired, you can swap the third and fourth steps;

Step 5. Start the game. Now you need to go to the lobby, pick a slot and launch it. Learn a pay table, make a stake, and spin the reels! 

After registering for future visits to the site, you will no longer need to create an account — specify your authorization data to gain access to the private cabinet. 

Demo Mode 

One of the great features of online slots is the ability to run them in demo (fun/training) mode. This option is usually accessible for all kinds of this gambling amusements, including games with progressive jackpots. 

In fact, the demo mode gives punter access to 100% of the same gameplay as the paid version. The only difference is the inability to win real money. Utilizing the training version is useful for online casinos because it allows them to interest potential clients and motivate them to make a private cabinet on the site. There are much more benefits for gamblers: 

  • You can play for free as much as you want;
  • Compare titles with each other;
  • Learn the game mechanics and special features of the amusement you like;
  • Train and hone the skills to figure out how to win at casino slots;
  • Practice game strategies if you want to structure your game. 

Thus, the demo mode is extremely handy for rookies who would not like to take risks if they feel that they are not ready enough to play on cash. 

Questionable Strategies for Slot Lovers 

We have already mentioned above that many punters utilize gaming strategies in an attempt to increase their chances of winning online slots. While some of these techniques can be handy, in particular, to train control over the bankroll, there are also systems, the use of which can only harm. Here are a couple of samples: 

  • Hot/Cold strategy. Adherents of this technique track the results of the game stages, trying to figure out when the slot is ‘hot’ or ‘cold’. In the first case, they increase the amount of bets, in the second case they lower them. But, the slot cannot be ‘hot’ or ‘cold’. Each new round in it does not depend on the outcomes of the previous ones, so you will not get any benefit from this so-called ‘strategy’;
  • The Zigzag strategy. People who employ this system try to determine the winning pattern on the reels, say, in the form of the letter V. Thus, they believe that the slot will soon give them a win. We don’t even know if it’s worth commenting on something here, it’s just nonsense. 

There are other questionable strategies, but even if you encounter them, remember, slots is not a game where you can influence the result. Take care of your money. 

Tips On How To Play Slots Wisely 

The information in this paragraph will be most useful to people who are wondering how to win online slots. We present you a set of handy tips that will help you avoid pitfalls and reduce risks when playing one of the most dynamic and exciting gambling amusements: 

  • Try before you buy. As you already know, any online slot is accessible to run in training mode. Do not neglect this option before risking your money;
  • Check RTP and volatility. If you want to claim a cash prize, firstly look at the RTP and the volatility of the slot, and not at its bright graphics. The frequency and size of potential winnings depend on this;
  • Take care of your money. Before the start of the game, form a budget of money, the likely loss of which will not cause damage to your financial situation. During the game, utilize only the shaped bankroll, and in no case exceed it;
  • Remember about time. The longer you play, the more likely it is that you will get tired and, if you utilized a game strategy at the same time, this will lead to mistakes in its use;
  • Control your emotions. If you are going to experience every loss violently, you can start increasing the size of bets. This does not guarantee you anything, because each round does not depend on the outcomes of the previous ones. And if you lose in one round, it does not mean that you will definitely win in the next one;
  • Pick slots with fixed jackpots. Such titles are more friendly towards the players, and you have more chances to get the jackpot. Of course, the amount will not be large in comparison with progressive jackpots, but the latter are riskier and fall out less often. 

Follow these tips, and you will provide yourself with the most error-free gaming experience. 

How To Win Big On Slots? 

If you are interested in the answer to the question, how to win at casino slots big, then you probably mean the opportunity to get the jackpot. They are fixed (the player immediately knows what maximum he or she can win) and progressive (the amount increases until one of the lucky ones manages to get it). 

How to grab the jackpot? In fact, it all depends on luck and the work of the RNG. Fixed jackpots are a little easier to win because their RTP remains unchanged, but the amounts in them are lower than in games with progressive jackpots. The main advice is not to chase big winnings, so as not to burn your budget. Play and believe in your luck. 

Responsible Gaming Tips 

Online gambling can cause devastating damage to players who do not know how to control their emotions and spending. Slots are among those amusements, the game of which is able to quickly develop a gaming addiction. For this reason, we advise utilizing the services of only those sites that provide their customers with access to Responsible gaming tools: 

  • Setting personal limits. You can independently or with the help of support agents set a limit on the size of the deposit, the size of the bet, the amount of spending, the time spent on the site, the number of deposits over a period of time, etc.;
  • Temporary account blocking. Ask the support agents of the online casino to block your access to the management of your private cabinet for a certain time;
  • Deleting an account. In the most severe cases, it is possible to request the complete removal of the private cabinet. 

Consultants can also provide you with contacts of organizations engaged in professional assistance to problem punters. 

Punters Have Questions 

The Higher My Bets In Online Slots, The More Chances Of Winning? 

No, the result of spinning the reels does not depend on what amount you bet. A random number generator is responsible for the outcome of the round, and it is impossible to crack this algorithm. 

How To Win On Slots With A Guarantee? 

There is no guarantee of winning in online slots. If you meet a person on the Internet who will try to sell you a strategy that guarantees easy money, know that this is a fraudster. Online slots is a game of chance, you need to accept this fact and play believing in your luck. 

How to Play Casino Slots Without Money? 

To enjoy this gambling amusement without financial injections, activate the demo mode (it can also be called a fun or training mode). In this case, you will be playing for virtual chips. When they run out, reload the page and continue playing. 

How to Play Slots and Win if I Have Never Played Them? 

We recommend rookies to start with the demo mode, which is accessible on almost any online casino site. In this mode, you do not risk your money. Compare titles with each other, figure out the mechanics and activation of payment lines, train and get ready to play for money. The time for this is unlimited. 

How to Win Slots With Jackpots? 

In fact, games with fixed or progressive jackpots do not differ from regular online slots. The outcome of each round in them is also determined by the work of random number generators, so you just need to make stakes and spin the reels.